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Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tube Glass is the best to Replace Old Fluorescent Tubes Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tube Glass is the best to Replace Old Fluorescent Tubes

The more illuminated our surroundings are the more productive we can be. Often dim lights can be quite dull and make the surroundings dull as well. But worry not, this energy efficient and highly versatile LED lights are the perfect solution!   LED My Place is one of the highly reputed manufacturers of superior quality LED lights. The ultra-efficient LED lights are available in 18W with 5000K color temperature. This Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tube Glass is equivalent to the 50W fluorescent tube and so switching to these tubes can make a huge difference in energy consumption or electricity use. By replacing any of those fluorescent tubes of 50W with our 18W LED tube; you can enjoy a significant amount of energy-savings and bring down the utility bill not just for a day or two but throughout the year.  Below are the features of our Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tube Glass: Instant Start 5000K Colour Temperature 2400 lumen output Lifespan is greater than 50,000 hours 120-degree beam angle  Better Heat Dissipation Than The Conventional fluorescent Tubes Super Easy Installation Rebates & Incentives as well as 30 Days Return Policy & 3 Years Of Manufacturer’s Warranty!   This Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tube Glass is bright enough for standard height ceilings. This product is also tested rigorously for heat dissipation so that they don’t produce much heat. This is done in order to improve their lifespan which is about 4-5 times longer than the fluorescent tubes. These energy-efficient lighting fixtures serve as the best lighting solution for commercial spaces like offices, shopping malls, retail stores, shopping malls, showrooms, etc.

Led Tube $11.03 CAD
Dimmable LED Downlights are the best for Indoors Illumination Dimmable LED Downlights are the best for Indoors Illumination

Need to Decor your interior with the best quality indoor lights while saving up more energy as compared to those fluorescent tubes. Then Dimmable LED Downlights from will be one of the best option available in the market. These Can light are available in different design can take less space in your ceiling roof.   These Downlight Dimmable - LED Bulbs gives you the freedom to control the illumination according to your preferences, which can save energy on a daily basis. These lighting fixtures save up to 80% on your residential and commercial indoor spaces. Some salient features of Dimmable LED Downlights- Available Design- Baffle, Square, Eye-Ball, and Disk Light. Available Color temperature-3000K, 4000K and 5000K  High lumen output up to 3000lm. High CRI>90 50,000 operational hours. ETL and Energy Star approved. 5-year manufacturer warranty. 24/7 customer support system.

Dimmable Led Downlig $11.80 CAD
Get 360 Degrees Illumination by Best Quality LED Corn Bulbs Get 360 Degrees Illumination by Best Quality LED Corn Bulbs

LED Corn Bulbs from has proven to the best outdoor lighting fixtures as it has the latest designed LEDs chips from Epistar mimic the kernels of the corn to illuminate the outdoor spaces like 360 degrees of beam angles.   This IP65 rated outdoor LED Corn Light Bulb Buyers Guide is water and dust proof and ideal to work in any outdoor areas. Its 20W variant is most commonly used for residential and other high is used for commercial purpose. This lighting fixture can easily replace the high energy consuming lighting fixtures which help in marking down the energy consumption by 75%. Some saline features of LED Corn Bulbs- Available in 20W, 60W, 75W and 100W. Available in 5700K. Easily replace up to 400W of metal-halide lights. High lumen output up to 14000lm. cUL and RoHS Listed. IP65 Rated. 5-year manufacturer warranty. 24/7 customer support system.

Led Corn Bulb $63.29 CAD
Illuminate your Residential Space by best Quality LED Tube Lights Illuminate your Residential Space by best Quality LED Tube Lights

When it comes to indoor lighting, has the on of the best quality LED Tube Lights available in different sizes which to be installed according to your preferences. These indoor lighting fixtures are much more easy to install and start instantly without any flickering noise.   These Energy efficient Buy LED Tube Lights Fixture consume less energy as compared to those high energy consuming traditional fluorescent tubes and save up to 75% on your energy bills. These easy to install fixtures are available as Ballast Compatible(work with ballast only), Ballast Bypass(Work without bypass) and Hybrid(work with and without exiting Ballast) available in 2feet, 4feet, and 8feet. Some features of LED Tube Lights- Available color temperature-4000K, 5000K, 5700K and,6000K. High lumen output up to 1700lm. Easily replace up to 120Watt of fluorescent tubes. Save up to 75% on Energy Bills. Manufacturer warranty for 3-5 years. High CRI>70. Available in Clear as well as Frosted Lights. Environment-Friendly. 24/7 customer support system. 30-days return policy.

Led Tube, Led Tube Light $7.22 CAD
Use LED Flood Lights are the best for Outdoor security Use LED Flood Lights are the best for Outdoor security

When it comes to illuminating the open outdoor spaces like playground, vast parking lots, you will need the best quality spotlights as they can illuminate these spaces with the ideal brightness. LED Flood Lights from has proven to be one of the best quality to illuminate the outdoor areas with much more energy efficiency.    These LED Flood Lights - Outdoor Security Lighting are the energy efficient lighting fixture which can save up to 80% on your energy bills by retrofitting the high energy consuming metal-halides and HDS lights. Its low wattage fixtures like 15W, 30W and 50W can be used as indoor while its high wattage fixtures are mostly used for commercial and outdoor spaces. Advantages you will get by installing LED Flood Lights: A High-intensity beam of white lights. Color temperature -5700K and 5000K. Replaces up to 1000W of traditional lights HIgh lumen up to 64000lm. IP65 rated best for any outdoor weather. cUL, RoHS Listed. Environment-Friendly. By buying these outdoor lighting fixtures from you can also get a 5-years of manufacture warranty, 24/7 customer support system as well as 30-days return policy.

Flood Lights, Led Flood Light $54.25 CAD
LED Flood Light 150W -The Best Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting LED Flood Light 150W -The Best Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

When its come to illuminate larger area like stadiums, theater stages, parking lots, etc., high intense flood lights are the best options as compared to another form of lighting. Thus LEDMyplace(Canada) brought you energy efficient and highly durable LED Flood Light 150W. It's easy to install and has adjustable mounts make it's versatile and hassle-free. With IP65 protection rating, it withstands water percolation during snowfall and rainy season.   Our 150W LED Flood Lights, Waterproof LED Security Floodlight Daylight have rugged build-up with aluminum casing, moreover, we introduce polycarbonate optics for optical performance and durability. So, replace your old halogen and metal halide lights with energy efficient LED Flood Light 150W. Key technical specification of LED Flood Light 150W: Metal Halide Equivalent- 400W Brightness - 20000 Lumens CCT- 5700 Kelvin Wattage- 150W Warranty- 4+1 years (Extended Warranty) Certification- cUL, DLC & RoHS Life- 50000 Hours Voltage- 120-277 Volts Protection-IP65 So, why wait? Visit our online store or call our 24x7 helpline number to acquire and experience the heavenly lighting of LED Flood Light 150W.

Led Flood Light, Led Flood Light 150w $220.90 CAD
T8 4ft LED Tubes - A perfect Universal Lights For Indoors T8 4ft LED Tubes - A perfect Universal Lights For Indoors

When its time to illuminate your interior ambiance bulbs and tube are the classic options come to our mind first. Either its residential or commercial space its come useful everywhere. Thus, LEDMyplace (Canada) brought you technological advance T8 4ft LED Tubes.    We all know, LED Lights to have many advantages over normal fluorescent tubes. It consumes 2-3 times lesser energy, have a longer life, eliminates harmful rays and it's not made up of lead and mercury hence eco-friendly. So, replace your old age fluorescent tubes with the latest specification T8 LED Tube Lights - Commercial LED Tubes . Below are some key specifications of T8 4ft LED Tubes: Tube Type- Glass(Transparent  Wattage-18W Replacement-40W Brightness-1800 Lumens CCT-5000K Certification- cUL & RoHS Approved Warranty- 2 years + 1 years (extended) Ideal For- Residential, Office, Schools, Commercial space, Hospitals, Day Care, etc. With perfect day white color temperature and slim design, you definitely fall in love with this T8 4ft LED Tubes. For more help and information please visit our website or call our 24x7 helpline service.

4ft 18w Led Tube, Led Tube $7.22 CAD
300W LED Pole Light is the best for Streets Lighting 300W LED Pole Light is the best for Streets Lighting

While seeing the surroundings now a day, LEDMyplace offers you a sense of security in form of 300W LED Pole Light, this pole light can replace your 1000 watt (Metal-halide and Sodium-Vapor) fixture and brings you an 80% of energy-saving. And an IP65-rating makes this 300W LED Pole Light protected from dust and water. When it comes to illumination this  300W LED Pole Light  offers you 3000K to 5700K of color temperature with a high lumens output approx 42000+ lumens, So you don't have to compromise with the brightness and you can dark-spot free brightness at your streets and outdoors. Here are the features of 300W LED Pole Light : Color-Temperature- 3000K to 5700K Rebate-eligible With and Without Photocell Motion Sensor Dimmable IP65-rated water and dust-proof Approx 42000 lumens output UL and DLC Listed DLC Premium Listed 5-years manufacturer warranty 30-return policy   When it comes to installation this 300W LED Pole Light can be mounted in Direct Mount, Universal Mount, and Slip-Fitter Mount. And LEDMyplace offers you variants of body-finish Bronze, Grey, Black, and Silver. Want to know more? Speak to our customer support on (437-800-1071). And you also get the free shipping on.  

Led Outdoor Lights, Led Pole Light 300 W $454.24 CAD
Dazzle Up the Gas Stations by use the best LED Canopy Lights Dazzle Up the Gas Stations by use the best LED Canopy Lights

The best way to make the gas stations look more attractive and beautiful is by installing LED Canopy Lights over there that are highly expertise in delivering the maximum illumination required to lighten up the place. Along with being energy efficient form of lights, these LED Canopy Lights also are eco-friendly lights that are helpful in making the environment non-polluted price.   You can install LED Canopy Lights 75W among many other canopy lights if want to illuminate the place effectively with more number of customers coming to your gas stations.  Beneath are the benefits of using LED Canopy Lights: These LED Canopy Lights are UL and DLC approved lights and will give you rebates and incentives from the power companies. They can work for at least 50,000 hours without emitting any harmful UV/IV rays that otherwise can make the environment more polluted and can also affect human’ health as well. Deliver even and uniform lighting capable to remove all the dark spots completely. On average, these 75W LED Canopies produce 8800 lumens and if you replace them with 180w MH lights, you can make savings by more than 75%.  Also, the available color temperature is 5700k that is perfect to lighten the bigger outdoor places effectively.  Since these LED Canopy Lights have IP65 rated internal driver which protect the lights from all kind of dust & moisture. The wider beam angle of these lights which is higher than 160 degree is useful to illuminate wider spaces and huge areas.     In addition to the numerous benefits, also 5 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty on purchasing these LED Canopy Lights will make you feel more delighted. To increase the visibility of your station by installing these lights over there.    

Led Bathroom Light, Led Canopy Light 70w $185.99 CAD
150W LED Canopy Lights are the best for your Gas Stations 150W LED Canopy Lights are the best for your Gas Stations

While going on the long roadside trips, we need to refill our vehicle’s tank with the fuel so that we can continue our outdoor activities in a more mesmerizing manner. We will apply the brakes only at those gas stations where we can see maximum visibility as stopping at some place with no lighting can be risky.   Hence, install bright full LED Gas Station Lights - Canopy Lighting at the gas stations so that the number of drivers comes to your place to enjoy the short break while driving. Install 150W LED Canopy Lights among many other forms of LED canopies. Benefits of 150W LED Canopy Lights are as follows: The lumen output of 150W LED Canopy Lights is more than 17000 lumens, and if they are replaced with 400w of any MH or sodium-potassium light bulb, you can save 250 watts of energy. The more you save energy, the lessen electricity bills you have to pay. Also, the color temperature of these lights is 5700K and they are the perfect outdoor lighting fixture, with the wider beam angle of greater than 110 degrees, you can cover even the extreme corners as well.  The heat sink used inside these lights will eliminate all the unwanted heat that is generated during the normal working of the lights. These lights have the expected lifespan of at least 50,000 hours even if they are kept on for 24 hours as well.  They are cUL and DLC certified products.  Install LED Canopy Lights across the gas stations, so that the drivers can find it easy to come to your place for refueling their vehicle’s tank.     

150w Led Canopy Ligh, Led Canopy $269.24 CAD

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